My candy killed

my desire for

my childhood

     - Rita Feinstein

A dream about our

ravenous rituals went

dancing in the streets

     - Sofie E. Moeller

putrid ritual

Doctor winters sleeping flesh

The surface returns

     - Aimee Lowenstern

A greasy wind blows

a livid and desperate boy

across a dark stage

     - Renny C

Dead dilemma of shady

timidly cheeks crack lips slips wet

window they sleep in

     - Jennifer Corley

hard and radical

look past the open window

finally you see

     - Viannah Duncan

I fart a regret souresque

bump blows to doctor my future pool triangle

I, our hellbent you - bank

     - Sam Snoek-Brown

Between fantasy,

Hellbent lips dancing home bump,

Return, watching peace.

     - Savannah Ridgley

Light man looks pregnant

Oozing greased stage doctor muck

finally happy

     - Zach Roberje

Sneaky journey leaves

hellbent grace fertile shot

hmm ravenous feeling

     - Scott Siegel

Livid Blank fortune -

Eyes sees war with every brother glorious doctor, curving life logical;


     - Corrie Dibble

On torture feeling

lips sang much humor watching what

hot shady return

     - Jaima

I spiral between

Broken promises of flesh

And daddy issues

     - Kayla & Kaela, OCSA

A reflection on

She hellbent swell those before body

Opens ravenous

     - L. Perez

Welcome to the Litter Box

A reflection on

what torture and grace

quickly does to body

     - Stephanie Lindberg

My Childhood:

tangle boy killed my

dead jerk bottle, gorgeous, wild

for putrid moonlight

     - Nayt Rundquist

Our journey after

in places wild sweet peace muck

a dream about light

     - Nivi Engineer

My logical hear

trouble body promises

Hellbent sleep that shines

     - J. Repa

My thunder body

She woman heart time so grace

Fortune flesh charm, she.

     - J. Spelletich

Heavy watching stage

Man feeling fertile, empty

His precise spiral

     - Kelly & Abbie

Alternate of mommy

2 cover his --

I tried following.

     - a poet

My childhood embraced

A tirade about sister

of hellbent clamor

     - Sebastian Stockman,

       Northeastern University

At the AWP conference in Los Angeles, Cats in a Dumpster gave random attendees a chance to roll the Haikubes and make a Haiku. These are the results.......

She spat timidly

sour heavy water

fathom last man please switch

     - D.M. Hansen

Glancing logical

lofty fantasy rides us

hellbent on candy

     - Cailin Ashbaugh

this woman touches god

giant journey

so craic.

     - Jarred Marlatt, University of New Orleans

you, desperate oozing

whispers, touches, and science

my romantic life

     - Jess

My family slips lips,

a hellbent science, mouthing,

quickly, her clamor.

     - McKayla Carahan

Specific before

your clamor smells grand and wild

consuming this flesh

     - Anonymous

Specific sister

whose hard heart shines in the ground

The girl is mature

     - Brittany Boce

he wild switch

yelled hellbent nerve

who marvel a girl

     - Temim

Boy watching wicked

Which slips, mouthing, watching grace

dreaming shady on

     - Megan Padilla

What lips sang torture

Watching hot shady return

Your lofty goat tried

     - Jenny F

Cats in a Dumpster

right sneaky up night

went under up left whispers

crock jerk doctor full.

     - Renee

So not a lady

Finally fantasy is real

Times, we are behind

     - Angela Spires

Hot livid villain

Watching her before her god

Opens lips sang peace

     - SKL

Daddy killed our world

for the hellbent light places

consume his wild love

     - Ariana Hoching, Rowan Dunton & Ashley Park